Our Products:

  • Business to Business Database

    Contact Kuwait-Reach Thousands of Companies Today!

    Now you can have the power of the ultimate business-to-business National Corporate Database at your fingure tips

    Searching for the agents for a product or service? Want to print a list by executive title? Seeking firms by industry? Need to find companies locally or nationalwide? Looking for a company by name? Need mailing labels or lists? Want to create a mail merge?
    These are just a few uses of the most advanced marketting database available.

    Main Features:

    This easy to use program allows full search and retrieval of companies and activity information based on a combination of specific search critaria, You may wonder how you did business without Contact Kuwait

  • Web & Media Solutions

    Our team of professionals would be pleased to provide efficient web development services for your company. Let us help you with your web site design, programming and online marketting strategies. We can add strong depth to your organization and eventyally grab your customer's interest.

    We SImply Ask:
    • Is your company struggling with optimizing their website for the internet?
    • Does your copany need a Facebook,Twitter or YouTube presence?
    • Does your company need professional assisstance with blog optimization?
    • Does your company's need to know how to best optimize its Linkedin Profile?
    We Are Here To Help!
  • Digital Signage Solutions

    Grab Your Customer's Attention... and Keep It!!

    Digital Signage receives 10 times the eye contact of static signage. Once you catch the attention of your potential customers, you have the power to influence their decisions using your dynamic advertisement

    Eliminate printing and distribution costs for your company, while still utilizing bright dynamic advertising

    Our exclusive custom designed hardware along with software from Revel Digital, allows you to manage your own content quickly and easily. Go with the experts at Kuwait Soft Computer Consultants and Revel Digital

    We can custom design a digital solution to fit any need

  • Telephony Solutions

    Kuwait Soft offers analysis,product selection, design and development for companies seeking to improve customer services, automate office tasks and reduce operating tasks via computer telephony related products. Our staff is experienced in understanding our client needs and being able to offer cost effective, Powerful solutions to meat their business objectives.

  • POS Solutions

    Service is more than a benefit.It's our foundation
    There’s more to selecting a point-of-sale solution than the system itself. What makes a point-of-sale system more than just a combination of hardware and software? The answer is the organization you purchase your system from.

    Gathering the necessary information about your business operations, providing you with a solution that meets YOUR needs, teaching you how to use your system, and providing you with high level support for the lifetime of your system is—in our eyes—the definition of a solution. This approach is why businesses rely on Kuwait Soft Computer Consultants.

    With more than 15 years of retail point-of-sale knowledge, we welcome the opportunity to serve you and put our experience to work for you.

  • Mobile Solutions

    Mobile technology is an integral part of daily life, used by millions of people around the world.
    People now take for granted the ability to communicate by phone any time and from any place. This philosophy has crossed over to the work place as well.

    For small to midsized organizations, mobile technology provides an invaluable and flexible tool offering significant business benefits.

    Virtually all business people today use their mobiles to stay in touch with their offices, customers, staff, partners and suppliers. However, the potential of mobiles extends much further than simply the ability to make and receive calls anywhere and anytime

    Kuwait Soft Computer Consultants is pleased to offer a number of solutions that can enhance your business experience through the use of mobile technology