Kuwait Soft Computer Consultants was established in 1996 specializing in providing IT-related consultancy services.

In its over 15 years of operation since establishment, Kuwait Soft has provided professional advice to companies of various sizes to automate their IT operations. Kuwait Soft aims at providing clients with a one-stop quality IT solutions & services. To fulfill the heightened customer requirements, we have devoted ourselves to deliver a diverse blend of computer technology. With the expertise in the field of IT infrastructure and application software, we are striking for opportunities to exhibit our talents.

It is indeed my honor and privilege to welcome you to Kuwait Soft Computer Consultants website. Kuwait Soft was established in 1996 aiming to be a leading provider of information technology solutions and integrated services both in the State of Kuwait and abroad. Kuwait Soft offers a wide-range of solutions customized to meet our clients’ needs. System integration, strategic consulting and IT implementation are just a few examples of our lines of expertise. At Kuwait Soft, we always make sure that we build our reputation on providing the best technology available at the right price. But this is not enough. We also make sure that our services are bundled with an exceptional level of customer support as well as a 'promise' to continually upgrade and lead the way with cutting edge technology solutions. This is to ensure that our solutions provide durability that exceeds the average life-span of most business applications before upgrades are required.

When it comes to Application Development, Website Design and Social Media Marketing, Kuwait Soft Computer Consultants is a name you can count on. In addition, we provide Buesiness-to-Business databases, Digital Signage Systems, and Telephony Solutions.

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to learn how Kuwait Soft Computer Consultants can bridge the gap between your organization’s capabilities and its vision for high performance.


Our Mission:

To Provide products, services and solutions of the highest quality and deliver more value to our customers that earns their respect and loyalty.

To Listen attentively to customers and truly understands their needs, then deliver solutions that would only translate into customer success.

To Grow by providing significant products, services and solutions to markets we already serve—and to expand into new areas building on the technologies that are available, competencies and customer interests.

To Achieve sufficient profit to finance our company's growth whilst we maintain a solid reputation.

Our Vision:

To become the market leader for providing highly innovative technology and service solutions to small, medium and large enterprises.

We also aim to be one of the leading IT Consultancy firms in Kuwait & in The Middle East. To associate with worldwide institutions who are seeking innovative solutions to match their business needs and create Business for clients in both the public and private sectors.

We believe we have the skills and the necessary expertise to guide any business in their IT needs.

We believe that successful consulting depends largely on the quality of the individuals comprising the practice. Each member of the professional team at Kuwait Soft Computer Consultants has a significant depth and breadth of appropriate experience in their field of expertise and a track record of achievement in domestic and international assignments. This enables us to represent and advise a broad spectrum of clients.

Yaser Behbehani
Founder & General Manager

Holding a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from University of Miami (1991), Yaser has over the years built a solid experience in the Field of IT and E-Business.. He started his career with Gulf Bank Kuwait (1992-1999) moving onto Kuwait National Cinema Company (1999-2008) and now he is the Head of E-Channels at Commercial Bank of Kuwait (2008-Present). Yaser currently occupies a Board Member seat in K-NET (The ATM & POS switch in the State of Kuwait). Benefiting from the best of two worlds (Banking & Entertainment), Yaser has made some significant achievements in these two sectors amongst which are: building automated front-end, pc-based teller systems, IVR's, Kiosk Applications, Ticketing Systems, Mobile payment Applications, SMS-based systems, faxback systems, digital signage solutions, POS solutions, and web-based e-systems including Payment Gateways. In 1996, Yaser founded Kuwait Soft Computer Consultants, a small business located in Kuwait City, to leverage on his experience in the field. Amongst his remarkable debut projects within Kuwait Soft is "Contact Kuwait" – a B2B marketing database for the state of Kuwait. Since establishment, Kuwait Soft continues to grow, achieving better results year after year.

Ebru Pytas
Graphic Designer

Ebru is a professional photo re-toucher with solid eight years of experience in fashion and commercial photo retouching. She has completed numerous projects in Photo Masking, Photo Manipulation, Clipping Path, Glamour Retouching, Logo removal, and Restoration. When it comes to 'Graphics', we all speak Ebru here!

Abid Ali
Software Engineer

Abid is an engineering graduate with 12 years of IT experience. Before he joined Kuwait Soft, Abid he has served customers from around the globe right from New Zealand to Canada. He is well versed with PHP, Mysql, Javascript, and Ajax. Challenging projects and client satisfaction gives him a distinguished professional depth. teaming with other members at Kuwait Soft, Abid has shown some greatskills developing mobile applications.We are very proud to have him with us at KuwaitSoft.

Our strategy focuses on providing quality IT solutions that start with defining and understanding customer needs and end up in successful implementation.

Our staffs of professionals transform our years of experience into optimal solutions. This has always been, and will continue to be, our number one objective.